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The A.C.T Difference

We know that you have many options in Cleaning Companies, here at A.C.T there are many things we do differently for starters:

We only use top of the line cleaning products such as Ms. Myers, Method, Bona, Clorox Clean up etc. ​

We use CLEAN cleaning clothes on every home and we use home specific cleaning clothes on your home only. Each home has a code and only those clothes (which are marked) are used only on that home and colored coded for each task in the home. We also use home specific cleaning sponges and scrubbers for your home only. When it comes to cleaning we try to be as clean as possible and by doing so we don't like to cross cloth with our clients. We don't want to bring germs from you home to someone else, then it's not really clean is it?

Don't worry if someone in your home has certain allergies or the people or pets are sensitive to certain smells we can adjust and use cleaning supplies that will work for you. At A.C.T we want you to be happy with our services and will work hard until you are. These are small things but to our clients they mean so much, give us a try and experience the difference.


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